C·Ramic Colors – Bubblegum Pink

Attitude, ingenuity and emotion

Fill your haircare routine with a bold new color! It’s called Bubblegum Pink and it has arrived to adorn your favourite hairbrushes, with the new C·Ramic Colors 2019. With ceramic and ionic technology and three enticing colors of the new, the C·Ramic Colors 2019 hairbrushes are here to switch up your haircare experience to its maximum creative potential. Get rid of frizz and join the energy-filled colors of the season!

The Results:

  • Mirror-like shine
  • Say goodbye to frizz
  • Quick and easy drying



  • Limited Edition Colors The most anticipated of the year, that Pantone selects, which then directs major brands’ style agenda for the year.
  • 5 diameters included in a toolkit bag: The C·Ramic Colors 2019 hairbrushes are presented in an exclusive and practical toolkit bag of the same color as the brushes, with the 5 available diameters: 17, 23, 28, 32 and 43
  • High Quality Ionized fibers that get rid of static electricity, avoids hair damage and boosts shine to its maximum capacity
  • Tube with ceramic technology Ensuring that the temperature is maintained and distributed evenly, reducing drying time and increasing the quality of hairstyles.
  • Transparent pick at the tip of the brush handle that is ideal for sectioning hair with the hairbrush while styling.
  • Light and ergonomic handle that doesn’t get stuck in hair.
  • 2 year guarantee and Certified European QualityMade in Spain. Designed and manufactured in Spain under a construction process that assembles with heat and is carefully monitored individually.

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