Fermín Díaz, Termix and Chernomor in a great hairdressing exhibition



Avant-garde art, unique styles and high hairdressing gathered at the show offered by Termix in collaboration with Chernomor. Ukraine was chosen as the headquarters to unleash the most enthusiastic creativity while stylist Fermín Díaz materialized dream styles loaded with talent.




More than 400 guests attended this demonstration of talent and passion for hairdressing. Chernomor Cosmetics, distributor of Termix products in Ukraine and organizer of the event, carefully prepared a whole imaginary where new trends in hairdressing were found with cutting-edge fashion.




A live talent show where attendees enjoyed the spectacular proposals, where the hairdresser and the inspired collection paraded on a catwalk loaded with talent. The Termix brand ambassador Fermín Díaz took  part of the jury in charge of assessing the proposals of the different participating designers and hairdressers, but also performed his own trends and styles with the Termix hairdressing tools.


Fermín selected the Evolution Soft brushes, perfect for thin hair, most common hair in this part of the world. And to profile the finishes, Fermín chose the 230º Black Edition hair straightener that allows the temperature to be adjusted to suit the type of hair and protect hair health.



And in this way the creative looks inspired by the current architecture were emerging and paid homage to sea creatures. Avantgarde techniques proposed by the stylist that added to Nayra’s fashion styles.



To finish this display of talent and creativity, artificial hair structures were made to surprise the audience. In addition, the winners of the talent show were awarded with cash prizes and trophies for best styling.

Thank you Ukraine!

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