Bye bye tangles! How to properly detangle your hair

Struggling with your hair tangles and just making it worse? Scroll down and get our best tricks to get a much healthier hair by properly detangling you hair!

new Termix detangling hairbrushes

Believe it or not, the first step for an anti-frizzy, shiny and smooth hair is detangle. And as a prelude to any hairstyle we want to perform, detangling must be done properly. Choosing the right brush is the most essential part of it, but learning how to use it will also be another key to success.

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Detangle first from the inside (and get rid of the anti-frizz effect)

Hair acquires vices. This is why it’s so important to detangle our hair working each knotted area one at a time and starting from the bottom and from the inside part (which few people know). This way, we are making the ends acquire their natural shape inward, avoiding frizz.  By brushing the hair from within, we can eliminate the knots while we control them, giving an inward curvature.

new detangling hairbrushes in seasonaly colors

Better in dry or in wet? You choose

Brushing the hair should be part of our daily routine because it stimulates the scalp, oxygenates the hair and improves circulation. A habitual task that will provide us, in the long run, a better capillary health and a greater growth.

But … what is the optimal time to untangle the hair? The most recommended is to do just before going to sleep, with dry hair and the help of a hair brush to untangle (never a comb). Although you do not have to limit it to that. But, being such a recommended practice, it is advisable to do it two to three times a day. Always with the right brush and from the inner side of the hair. The detangling brushes also help to massage the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

loose updos for a perfect hair

On the other hand, the new Colors detangling brushes allow to untangle the hair in both dry and wet, thanks to its thick flexible nylon fibers. In addition, you can choose between the three seasonal colors! Do you want to discover them?

From tips to roots

Detangling in the right direction can make a big difference. According to the experts, although it might seem the most “natural”, we should not untangle the hair from the root to the tips. This way we don’t eliminate the entanglements, we only move them from place, dragging them towards the ends. Remember that the ends of the hair are the most delicate area and the one that need the most care. This is why, a too extreme tension could play against the health of our hair.

avoid split ends by using detangling hairbrushes

So, remember to always detangle your hair in an upward motion. Always little by little and keeping a grip with your fingers to not stretch too much. You will notice the change!

Detangled hair no matter where you are

It is useless to limit this routine to the four cozy walls of the house. You must take it everywhere, because a healthy hair implies a daily commitment, not at all elusive. That is why the new Colors detangling brush fits perfectly to your needs. Lightweight, manageable and versatile. A perfect detangling brush for use with dry or wet hair, which will undo the annoying knots gently and without pulling. A sure hit to include in your usual bag! – Discover them! >>

Before going to sleep…a loose braid and sweet dreams

Another of the tips that will help your hair look amazing in the morning is to put your hair in a loose ponytail or braid before hitting the pillow to prevent your hair from getting tangled while asleep. Nevertheless, remember to first detangle it. A light brushing with the new Colors detangling brush to undo tangles easily, should be included in your nightly routine. Put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, put on the night cream and … detangle your hair! And he will do the rest! This gesture also allows to remove the accumulated dirt during the day and stimulates blood flow, so it will improve our hair health. We will see how the hair increases its brightness.

Ready to detangle your hair now? Enjoy!

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