Beard scissors vs classic hairdressing scissors: How to choose the right one

 There are so many different types of scissors that it’s all too easy to get mixed up when choosing the right ones. Design, weight, feel, each professional pair has its qualities, and we have decided to give you a few pointers to make sure you find the right ones for you, with the help of Arthur Heiderick, barber at Fusion Barber Workshop.

First and foremost, what is the anatomy of a pair of scissors?

It might sound crazy, but most of us still don’t know what each element in a pair of scissors is for. Professional scissors are made of three parts: the cutting blades that make   the central screw that articulates the tool and determines the softness of the cut.

What is the major difference between hairdressing scissors and barber scissors ?

“The difference is obvious, it’s the size of the scissors itself. Shorter for a classic pair, longer for barbers. It’s important to keep in mind the most important factor, which is the finish we want to achieve.” That’s how Arthur Heiderick simplifies it for us.

I’m looking for barber scissors. How do I choose them?

According to Arthur: “A professional should always choose his scissors according to the effect that he wants to create. The other thing to bear in mind is of course the hair or beard type that we need to work on. Adapting your scissors to the texture you’re facing will greatly influence the movement and volume.”


Why are barber scissors bigger?

As we mentioned before, barber scissors are generally longer (7 inches, rather than 4,5 to 6 inches for classic scissors). The main reason? They are widely used for the “scissors over comb” technique, which uses the scissors while resting on the comb. “The longer and heavier the scissors are, the more precise when we cut with the scissors over comb technique.” States our specialist.

How do I choose a pair of professional hairdressing scissors that are adapted to my hand?

The comfort of the tool in your hand is very important. The loops for your fingers should be big enough so that your fingers can slide into them easily, while not being too big. “You always have to measure and test the size of the scissors and their grip in-hand. You can then be sure that tiredness and pains in your cutting hand is avoided. The thumb movements should also be easy”.

What is this famous Offset design about ?

This design concists in the inclination of the handle. Instead of being straight, like classic scissors, it is slightly inclined to reduce pressure during its use, which in turn diminishes muscular tiredness. The movement is more fluid, no need to strain as much for a swift and sleek cut!

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