5 trendy styles for Men from the European Fashion Weeks June 2018

New matters, luxurious prints, layering and an androgynous touch, these were the central points of the last European Fashion Weeks. Discover here the latest trending styles in the capitals of Fashion…


Gabardine, blazer, extra-large coat… All presented in powder, sweet tones, that activated a fairy, oneiric touch in the air. This would be the sum up for the Kim Jones fashion show, which collection was introduced in Paris with a special homage to Dior, playing on with the limits of masculinity.

A similar tone emerged from John Galliano’s, who presented another subversive version of men’s fashion, deconstructing the traditional male silhouette and plunging it into a colour, texture, plastic-composed, genderless bath.

To crown-up these fashion shows, the trendy wet hair style got even stronger than ever, in all its many variations. From short to midi hair, straight and slicked-back, with green or electric blue tints.


They’re back! The eighties have landed directly on London. With the bold Edward Tautz’s show for instance, where layers got back from the past, with a traditional mix of sweaters and thin legs and, of course, the return of the knee-socks.

This brought the oversize trend back on the front stage, right from the London streets, where it never disappeared. And this year, it got combined with a part side, some vivid curls, natural hair and compact bangs with a contrasting undercut. As the famous designer, Patrick Grant, revived the brand before with slouchy suits, he now reinvented the casual style, out of normcore.

One of the major trends for the coming year will indubitably be the return of the bob for men. A messy bob, a long bob, a mullet bob… whatever the type, the bob is back!


As we’re still wandering through the streets of London, let’s have a stop at a quite conceptual collection, reinventing the classical English gentleman by pointing out his fragility. Oversize coats, ripped-up blazers, mix of matters and gleaming of explosive red amongst neutral tones: this would be the A-Cold-Wall* fashion show. A urban vision, cleverly blasting the diversity of daily profiles one might encounter in such a cosmopolitan city.

As for the obvious Street Style, this Fashion Week has also been the perfect stage for another reinterpretation… The famous “beard” model, Richard Biedul complied with classic elegance in quite an informal way: he bet on a gentleman’s look and played on with layers of the same style but of different textures, and one and only tone for all. The same brown, the same white or blue.

Once more, the hairstyle plays a capital part here, as it has to remain smart, without the impeccable glow. So that it resembles a classic wet look, which wasn’t sleeked back and with no side parting. Naturally smart.


We now fly down to Italy and directly onto Milan’s stage, for an excessive luxury of matters, from plastic to silk, and through a large history of linen. Let’s keep on with this last texture, and focus on the Alex Badia show, which followed an obvious line: layers of all colours and shapes, made of linen. There, you could see a sea green layer topping a blue and white striped shirt. Weird? But not impossible!

As this style relays on a fussy outfit, it’s important that the hair remain simple, although precisely shaped. Buzzed, military or pompadour haircuts are welcome in this case.


Silk or satin shirt, white trousers, perfectly slicked-back hair and round sunglasses: the right outfit for a bowling session, you’d say? We answer that it mostly has to do with striding along the Italian streets and getting right to the heart of the most famous influencers. That’s exactly what did the Italian Carlo Sestini during the Milan Fashion Week.

hen it comes to hair, here, better bet on a vintage style with a nice voluminous quiff.

And you? What do you like of these Fashion Weeks?

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