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Discover the new C·Ramic Colors hairbrushes

News — 2 min read

Discover the new C·Ramic Colors hairbrushes

The new limited edition brushes with bold new colors are finally here! The new C·Ramic Colors 2019 hairbrushes are available in three Pantone colors of the season (Living Coral, Princess Blue and Bubblegum Pink) to boost hair’s natural shine to the max! They are charged with lots of creative energy to inspire you to innovate and create. Ready to take a closer look?

Here are the new C·Ramic Colors hairbrushes

They combine ceramic and ionic technology for longer-lasting hairstyles that don’t damage hair and leaves hair frizz-free. Incredible blow-dries, that last longer.

The Results:

-More shine

-Bye bye frizz

-Longer-lasting blow-dries

Color, a source of inspiration

Colors define us and allows for self-expression. Hairdressing, as an artform, needs color to innovate, to create the latest hairstyles that are full of personality. That is why the C·Ramic round brushes are adorned with the three most desired colors of the season: Princess Blue, Living Coral and Bubblegum Pink.

What color defines you?

  • Princess Blue: The color blue is linked to the idea of serenity and calmess. A color often linked with self-confidence and intelligence. For those that exube self-confidence, that know how to make decisions in a rational manner.
  • Living Coral: Energy at its purest form. Intrinsically linked with happiness and creativity, it transmit emotion. If you have a strong creative streak, this Panton color of the year is for you.
  • Bubblegum Pink: A pink shade with a ton of attitude! Wake up your imagination. Linked to those who refuse to conform and who dare to dream. A color full of vitality and strength that will be perfect for those that are always filled with brilliant ideas.

Are you feeling the emotion of the C·Ramic Colors? -Enjoy haircare!