The aim was to surprise and it was fulfilled. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Termix became the undisputed protagonist of one of the most successful editions of the Salon Look international 2017 trade show, the most important beauty and professional hairdressing meeting in Spain.  From the 3rd to the 5th of November, the fairground IFEMA Pavilion brought together more than 1,200 brands and surpassed 70,000 attendees willing to learn about the newest of the industry, through a wide range of innovations and latest releases. 

In gold and white and with an imposing multidisciplinary space to celebrate 30 years of leadership in the hairdressing industry, the stand of Termix became the undisputed meeting point for visitors. Live shows, the latest novelties, a magic mirror, the demo and barber corner… the different activities brought immediate success and established a strong reputation of the brand, even for the media press.

The barber corner, with our official barbers,  Arthur Heiderick and Danilo Alfonso , engaged visitors eager for the latest barber trends and products, like the new Official Barber hair clipper and brushes for the beard.


One of the most expected events were the Termix Shows -followed also on live through the Facebook channel- with the trendiest Spanish celebrities of the moment, next to famous hairstylists such as Lorena Morlote or Alexis Díaz that staged to present the latest trends and  Termix hairdressing tools.


Novelties such as the new Pink Velvet hair straightener or the Black Velvet one, which became the most wanted stylers of the season, or the Termix Evolution Gold limited edition hairbrushes for delicate hair.



Along the three days, the photocall area became again one of the highest and fun traffic points of the trade show with the magic mirror. Termix celebrated its 30 years as a leader company of the hairdressing sector wanting to share a new experience with original prizes and gifts.



Altogether,  Termix was one of the leading companies of the hairdressing sector inspiring and participating to present its latest products and novelties for this year, where our know-how and innovation move together towards hair care in the hairdressing tools. And already we are preparing for the next challenge: CosmoBeauty 2018 in Barcelona!

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