Stylists wishlist ideas for Christmas

Christmas Holidays are coming very soon! And finding the perfect Christmas present is every year a total odyssey.  That’s why our hair stylists bring you up their own gift guide with their favorite Termix products in the backstage for your hair care this holidays. Want to know which Termix tools they have selected for you? Take a look to their wishlist preferences!



Patricia Reyes: Make-up and Hair artist with an extensive career in the film and fashion industry, nominated in different film festivals for best make-up, hair and special effects.

Impeccable career: In 1992 she began working with the Spanish director Bigas Lunas and since then she has not stopped working in the film industry. In 2014, she was awarded with the Gaudi Award for best make-up and hairdressing in the film “The last days”. She has worked on many advertising campaigns of Coca-Cola, Jean Paul Galtier, Nike, Adidas or Armani.

Works with: Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Leonel Messi, Julieta Venegas, Joe Cocker and Naomi Campbell, among many others.

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The Termix shears and hairclippers”. Patricia Reyes has no doubt when choosing her Termix essentials. In the backstage of a film, where the hustle and bustle is constant and it is necessary to count with the maximum precision and efficiency, it is important to have versatile and ergonomic hairdressing tools to get the best characterizations and looks in a record time. The stylist opts, firstly, for the cutting professional shears of Termix for their comfort and cutting angle: “They have the perfect size and they are soft. In addition, aesthetically I find them very beautiful“. Secondly, Patricia chooses also the Power Cut and Styling Cut hairclippers. “They are strong, powerful, and very precise, and adapt perfectly to the hand“. Between both, she declares herself an unconditional fan of Styling Cut hairclipper for contours, which, thanks to the different heads that it incorporates, is perfect to  perform drawings, fades and bold hair designs.




Silvina Souza: Make-Up and Hair Artist for the Fashion and advertising industry. Coming from Buenos Aires, where she studied Drawing and Painting, she decided to specialize in make-up 10 years ago, starting in Theater. Silvina continued developing her skills as a professional make-up artist in Madrid, working with the best professionals, learning and evolving.

More about her: Silvina currently works as a freelance, perfectly combining the technique with the utmost creativity.

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Instagram: w0up

Want one of the Termix’s musts for this holidays? The stylist chooses the Termix professional brushes and hair dryer, which she uses on a daily basis to create the outfits for editorial shootings. Silvina highlights the high-quality material of the fibers of the brushes which give the hair “a spectacular shine“. She recommends combining the Termix Professional brush with the Professional hair dryer to get a more precise and perfect brushing. “In a photo shooting, one of the most important elements is to achieve a balanced and harmonized image that comes with a defined look. In addition, she chooses the Professional dryer because it has a medium-power, which manages to perfectly shape your hair without damaging it, preserving its elasticity and brightness: “using the professional hair dryer, alternating heat and cold, we can give more volume to certain areas of the hair, getting much long-lasting results”.




Javier Reyes: Renowned stylist and work passionate, devoted to create outfits for numerous celebrities, models and influencers.

Impeccable career: After working with two of the most recognized beauty companies, in 2001 he creates his own styling studio where he implements his philosophy of personalized and professional advice.he has worked for Royal Weddings and large events, as well as in Spain’s fashion shows, in film or theater.

Works with: Pilar Rubio, Natalia Sánchez, Agatha Ruíz de La Prada, Lídia Torrent, Nuria Fergó, Pastora Soler, David Meca o Cayetana Guillén Cuervo.

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Javier Reyes chooses the Termix Evolution hairbrushes: “I love these brushes because they allow me to work different hair qualities“. The Termix Evolution range includes three different brushes specifically designed to treat and care every type of hair, thanks to its unique combination of fibers. The Evolution Basic are ideal for normal hair, the Soft for thin hair and the Plus for thick hair.  Also, they can be used in multiple ways. An innovative technique he proposes is to use them as curlers: “imagine a head full of brushes instead of curlers. It is perfect to give volume and movement to the hair”.





Eva Guisado: TV Hairdresser and make-up artist, fan of her work and the audiovisual world. This is why she loves to venture into new projects and participate in shooting of series or television programs.

Impeccable career: She is responsible for the looks of the members of the TV Talent Show “The voice” and many other renowned television serials.

More about her: Since two years, she works in the TV Program “Cámbiame”, very successful in Spain.


The queen of the stylist changes, Eva Guisado, chooses the Termix Pink Velvet hair straightener. Since she discovered it, “it is the essential product for me” thanks to the Perfect Glide plates that get the best results in less time, something essential on television, where every second counts. Not only that, she recommends using the hair straightener Pink Velvet in different positions to the most creative hairstyles with total guarantee of success. Thanks to its intelligent temperature controller is capable of shaping any kind of hair without damaging it, giving a gloss mirror effect. The success of the changes is assured.



Yurema Villa: Fashion and Advertising Freelance Make-Up and Hair stylist. She defines her profession as something vocational and  classifies herself as a true  lover of the creative editorial and beauty world.

Impeccable career: She has worked for over 10 years in the aesthetics industry and in beauty magazines such as SModa, Loffciel, TMagazine, or Neo.

More about her: Yurema has worked for firms such as Delpozo, Corte Inglés, Cortefiel, or Springfield, developing the looks and outfits for their advertising campaigns.

Follow her: @yuremamakeupartist

The Termix product which has become essential for me is the Pro Styling electric hairbrush” Yurena highlights the two-best qualities of this tool for professional hairdressing: manageability and efficiency. And, she points out “it is very easy to work with electric brush, being a good alternative to the duo of the brush and hairdryer“. The Pro Styling electric hairbrush has become his indispensable ally, thanks to its versatility: ” I  can create more casual looks, from broken waves to super straight hair, and getting professional results in a healthy and shiny hair”. The stylist also emphasizes the importance of having a temperature controller: “I can give a light molding to the fringe using the brush at a low temperature and work the ends at a higher temperature“. It is therefore a tool very versatile professional hairdressers which combines Ionic technology and ceramic and tourmaline coating to give brightness to the hair in a single gesture, avoiding the Frizz. A success!




Patricia del Campo: With the artistic name Tricia Field, she is a freelance make-up and hair artist passionate of the most creative hairstyles and characterizations.

Impeccable career: She has collaborated in campaigns of Zara, Mango, Double Agent or Oysho and has developed the looks of outstanding editorials including Vogue Japan, Neo2 or Siy Magazine.

Follow her… @tricia_field

The new compact hair dryer reduced in size and with a light-weight, makes my job easier and makes me get the desired volume in the hair very quickly“. Because of this, the 4300 compact hair dryer is one of Tricia Field’s holiday essential. The creative stylist, also recommends combining it with the Evolution XL hairbrush to create new styling techniques and high volume, indisputable seal of her work: “Thanks to its extra 3 centimeters, the brush allows wider partitions, speeding up the” finishing process”. She also recommends to fix the shape of the molding and maximize volume, playing with the cold air button of the hair dryer: “press the blue button and get the desired volume or wave you need“.

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