2017: overview of a successful year for Termix

Termix collaborates with a lot of famous of spanish TV shows

Worldwide events, collaborations, novelties, launches, tradeshows… 2017 has been a very special and remarkable year for Termix. Our 30 years celebration has also been a new opportunity to learn beside you and continue our global growth. In this journey of success, we wanted to thank you for your effort and devotion! Join us to the overview of Termix’s performance of this year! 

Termix philosophy speaks about teamwork and the creation of new products, as a response to the demands of professionals and customers that rely on the quality of the brand’s professional hairdressing tools. And, for that  reason, is why Termix has been able to maintain its consolidation as one of the best quality brands of the hairdressing industry. Three decades of history under the claim “it is always possible to innovate and improve” that this year were recognized with the Kokoro Award for the Best Trajectory during the Mexico’s Expo Beauty Show.

Termix have been travelling around the world


Starting with two important tradeshows like Cosmoprof Bologna and Barcelona’s CosmoBeauty, and with commitment to constant improvement, the brand visited a lot of countries in order to strengthen its international reputation: Lisbon, Las Vegas, Poznan, Bogotá, Madrid, Hong Kong, Chile, Mexico or Paris, were some of Termix destinations.


A success that is also possible thanks to the quality of Termix products and for the collaboration of all  hairdressing professionals who, again, have decided to bet for Termix as their favorite brand.  It is a recognition supported also by Spanish specialized magazines as Estética, Tocado or Coiffure and others high-rated at fashion world as Esquire, Vogue or InStyle.

Thanks for making easier the hairdresser’s work with the best professional hairdressing tools”, the hairstylist Bruno Salas defines Termix as his favorite brand. We have seen many hairdos and tutorials by the hand of well-known stylists like Melania Hernández, Emilio Ballester or Alexis Continente. Collaborations that demonstrate the high-quality of Termix professional hairdressing tools. And due to the Know How of those professionals Termix has maintained the contact with new fashion trends, promoting therefore, an intelligent haircare through a dynamic perspective.

Furthermore, this 2017 has been a year dedicated to culture and entertainment working next to Spanish singers as Álex Casademunt or TV collaborators as Marco Ferri or Iván González. Also Termix has been present in TV spanish shows as Got Talent, Master Chef or films as Cuando Los Ángeles Duermen or La luz de Elna.

Termix also joined the new communication trends, where the interaction with the customer is essential. Following this, Termix has developed projects as the #TermixChallenge or the #CosmetikTrip9, working with new influencers and outstanding bloggers as Trendy Antonella, Gala Moix, Chabel Seijo or Alba Paul Ferrer. Termix had also made an effort in order to spread specialized knowledge like Termix Fusion Workshops by our favorites barbers Arthur Heiderick and Danilo Alfonso.

And after this review to Termix’s 2017 year, we want to thank again the collaboration of everyone who has chosen Termix as their favorite brand. Expecting to celebrate another year next to these stylist, hairdressers, esthetic professionals, distributors, costumers… Happy New Year 2018!

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